February 13, 2007

A Shining Truth at a Shining Genies

What a happy night for Canadian Cinema this one was compared to past Genies award ceremonies. I am happy to see BON COP, BAD COP and THE ROCKET take awards. This is the kind of thing Canada needs. Not dreary, pseudo-auteur failures like old cross-eyes Don McKellar and buddies patting themselves on the back for throwing away millions making boring films Canadians hate, year after year. Nope. We had real winners this night.

What a fantastic quote from producer Patrick Roy:

“The successes that we've had in Quebec in the past were really because we were making films for Quebec people," he said. "The biggest mistake we can make is to try to do what Americans are doing. If we start making movies for Canadians, I think they'll go see them, but it's going to take a few successes in a row. People will realize that Canadian movies can be successful and they'll go see them."

This is exactly what I pound on about here. You’ll notice I’ve emphasized the key lessons. You see how this works? To make successful films, you must make them for an audience -- a substantial audience. In this case, for the people who are paying for them.

No, it's not about creating a fake Canadian star system. We can't compete with the American celebrity machine. No, it's not about pushing existing failed auteur filmmakers on the public with massive advertisement and marketing. No, it's not about endlessly supporting "made men/women" filmmakers regardless of project quality.

Mr. Roy pointed out the obvious tonight. It was a solid gold formula that‘s as plain as the snow that‘s falling tonight. Is Telefilm listening?
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